Medical Assistant Job Description

Medical Assistant Job Description

The common or standard medical assistant job description is a combination of working with patients and clerical duties. Most often, the certified medical assistant is cross-trained so they are able to perform the many administrative or clinical duties that they may be responsible for. Below we cover what those may be.

The listed job description for medical assistants in a clinical and administrative scope is so you are aware of your future job tasks. Just remember that states may place limitations for medical assistants and have differing certification procedures in place.

Medical Assistant Job Description – Administrative Duties

Common Admin Tasks:
Be able to us office software
Answering phone and emails
Greet patients, vendors and any office visitors
Filing all medical records
Basic medical billing/coding
Scheduling appointments
Manage lab services and any necessary hospital admission

CMA Job Description – Clinical Tasks

Common Clinical Duties:
Giving medication per doctor
Authorize prescription refills for patients
Any necessary venipunctural (phlebotomy) procedures
Remove sutures and dressings from patients for examination
Handle any patient instruction
Handle and perform basic lab tests
Collect any medical history

Are There any Others Tasks and Duties That Medical Assistants Have?

All Certified Medical assistants are not only vital cogs in the healthcare “wheel” but they are also extremely important for the patients experience in the office. Making patients feel comfortable and at ease in the doctor’s office is critical. The medical assistant explains procedures to the patients. They often serve as communicator between the doctor and the patient.

In a recent study by the healthcare intelligence network showed that certified medical assistants are one of the five core medical professionals that were deemed necessary to a full functioning and healthy Patient Centered Medical Home team or (PCMH).

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