Medical Assistant Certification

Medical Assistant Certification

We at think the medical assistant certification process can be daunting in the beginning and we have made it a priority to make it easier an simpler. To do our part we have compiled a point by point guide for earning your certified medical assistant certification once you have completed your accredited CMA program.

Steps to Medical Assistant Certification

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Step 1 - Fulfill Requirements


Category 1 – CMA

One must have graduated from a CAAHEP or ABHES CMA program.

All graduating students must in all cases, will have no more than thirty days to take the medical assistant certification examination. There is not any documentation required and your program director will have to verify that your program completion. Also, be aware there will be a fee of $125 to take the exam.

Category 2 – CMA

If you were a previous graduate of a ABHES or CAAHEP CMA program, you can use your official transcript with a fee of $125 for AAMA members and a fee of $250 for non-members.

Category 3 – CMA

Those looking for Certified Medical Assistant re-certification will not be needed if you provide your certification/license number with your latest date of certification on your application. The fee is also $125 AAMA members and $250 for non members.

Step 2 - Get Organized and Have Documentation Ready


Get all the necessary documentation ready and available. See your respective state’s board below and the AAMA website for details for CMA certification in your state. Organization cannot be understated!

Certified Medical Assistant Certification State Boards

State Board / Website
Alabama Board of Medical Examiners
Alabama State Board
Alaska State Board of Licensing
Arizona State Board
Arizona State Medical Board
Arizona State Board
Arkansas State Board
Arkansas State Medical Board
California State Medical Board
California State Board
California Certifying Board of Medical Assistants
California State Board of Licensing
California State Medical Assistants
Colorado State Board
Connecticut State Board
Delaware State Board
Florida State Board
Florida State Medical Board
Georgia State Medical Board
Hawaii State Board
Idaho State Board of Licensure
Idaho State Board of Medicine
Idaho State Board
Illinois State Board of Licensing
Illinois State Board
Indiana State Medical Board
Indiana State Board
Iowa State Medical Association
Kansas State Board
Kentucky State Board
Kentucky State Medical Board
Louisiana State Board
Maine State Board
Maryland State Regulatory Board
Maryland State Board
Massachusetts State Board
Michigan State Medical Board
Michigan State Board
Minnesota State Board
Minnesota State Board of licensing
Mississippi State Board
Missouri State Board
Montana State Board
Nebraska State Board
Nevada State Board
New Hampshire State Medical Assistant Board
New Hampshire State Board
New Jersey Society of Medical Assistants
New Jersey State Board
New Jersey State Board of Licensing
New Mexico State Board
New York State Board
North Carolina State Board
North Carolina State Board of Medicine
North Dakota State Board
Ohio State Board
Oklahoma State Board
Oklahoma State Board
Oregon State Board of Medicine
Oregon State Board of Medical Assistants
Oregon State Board
Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine
Pennsylvania State Board
Rhode Island State Board
South Carolina State Board
South Dakota State Board of Nursing
South Dakota State Board
Tennessee State Board
Texas State Board
Utah State Dept of Licensing
Utah State Board
Vermont State Board of Medicine
Vermont State Board
Virginia State Board
Washington State Board
West Virginia State Medical Board
West Virginia State Board
Wisconsin State Board
Wyoming State Medical Board
Wyoming State Board
Wyoming Board of Licensing

Step 3 - Read and Review Review CMA Certification Exam Policies


Once you submit your application, you are legally showing you have read all the guidelines for certification, so be read them!

Step 4 - Select Personal Start Date of Your 90 Day Window


Select your 90 day testing window start time. Once this time frame has started you have to take the examination in this time frame or you have to pay another fee for the test.

For more information see the AAMA website for details of the 90 day time frames.

Step 5 - Check Your Email Regurlarly


Make sure you check email for response from certification examination.

Step 6 - Apply for the Medical Assistant Certification Exam


Applying online is always the easiest and most efficient.

Or you can also download the official handbook and also fill it out the application on back of the medical assistant certification handbook.Use only your legal names on all CMA certification applications. Make sure that your name on the application matches the name on your drivers license or applicable identification will be needed at examination time. Mail all the documentation from STEP 2 and your medical assistant certification application in. Make sure you keep copies for your own personal records. Also, do not send handbook back with application.

Step 7 - Make any Contact Info Changes Quickly and Accurately


Mistakes are foten made with outdated information. Make sure to update your online profile often with the certification board.

Step 8 - Schedule Your Medical Assistant License Exam Date


Once you have printed out your scheduling permit you can then schedule your actual certification exam appointment.

Step 9 - Start Preparing CMA Certification Today


Starting as fast as you can in your preparation will benefit you greatly!!

Step 10 - Take and Finish the Certification Test


If you have prepared correctly and had proper training the medical assistant certification test will be no sweat!!

Step 11 - Watch for Your Results for up to 2-3 Months


You will get a pass or fail score at the testing center directly after your completion of the certification exam. But, your “official” score will not be displayed for about 2 months from your exam date and all your paperwork is in order from step 2 listed earlier.

Step 12 - Your Certification is in the Mail!!!


Once you pass the exam, you will then receive your official score report, then ten weeks later you will receive physical medical assistant certification and it is valid for 60 months.

Medical Assistant Certification Will Change Your Life

With the 29% growth expected over the next decade the time could not be better to receive your medical assistant certification!

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